Sears - Kenmore Oasis Elite

Posted on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 10:42pm CDT by Sarah

Product: Kenmore

Company: Sears

Location: US

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I bought my Kenmore Oasis Elite washing machine in September of 2007. Shortly after I purchased the machine I began having problems with it. I had a service tech come out and take a look at he fixed one problem (long fill) at that time. I still continued to have other problems with the machine though. I called again shortly after my one year warranty was out and was told it would cost me to have someone come look at it again. At this point, I called a technician from a local company because I felt that Sears' prices were inflated. The service tech came out and said that he found nothing mechanically wrong with the machine... that the problem was most likely with the electronics of the machine, and he would not be able to service the machine. The problems were the F1 error code, the machine going completely haywire, cutting on and off on its own, not able to start a cycle. etc. I lived with this problem for years because I simply could not afford to go out and buy another machine. Nor could I afford to spend the hundreds of dollars it would cost to replace the circuit board. January of 2013 I find out, on account of my own investigations, that there is a recall on the machine... the circuit board. I call the number that I found and request someone to come replace the circuit board. At first, they tried to tell me that my washer would not be covered by the recall and I would have to pay for the repair myself. 2 hours and 3 different people later, and they finally agreed to come fix my machine. They sent the replacement part to my house at which point I called to make the appointment. The serviceman came and fixed the problem in about 15 minutes. After the repair, I was still having problems with the machine. AND I had a new problem. The machine kept throwing off balance. AND I was still having the problem of all of the buttons going haywire, flashing on and off, randomly cycling through all of the modifiers. But the F1 error code was gone. At this point, I was not able to wash a load of clothes without the uL (unlevel) code coming up. Even when the machine was completely empty, it still shows this code. So I called Sears back and informed the operator that the problem was not resolved. They ended up sending the repair man back out. He came up with a list of things that it COULD be and told me that was all he could do, but that none of said repairs would fix the computer issue. I call AGAIN. I am told that if someone comes to look at it again, then I will be charged for the service call and any repairs that need to be made. At this point, I am just beyond frustration. I end up getting off the phone completely irritated and feeling like I am getting the run around. I call back yet again and ask them why I am being held responsible for this issue that was obviously a manufacturer's defect. The machine has given me nothing but problems since I first purchased it. And it is obviously a very common problem. I end up getting nowhere with the phone calls and service calls. The only thing I was told is how much $$ I would have to spend. I end up just suffering along with my off balance washing machine - wringing my clothes out as best as I can by hand. Eventually, about a month ago I had another repairman from my aforementioned local repair company come to take a look. And this guy tells me that there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of the machine. The problem has to be with the computer board in the machine. He then tells me that, to his knowledge, there have been many other people with the same complaint about after the computer board being changed, the machine is unable to balance. He explains to me that the reason is because the computer is sending too much power to the spin motor and it is causing it to go off balance. Or something along those lines. So today, I decided to call Sears again. And wouldn't you know that the lady that I first spoke with told me that she had just gotten off the phone with another customer claiming the exact same issue. I end up getting transferred from person to person. Nobody was able to help me except to offer me a protection plan. I am quite honestly, at this point, not interested in giving one more dime to Sears. Why should I have to pay for this problem that should have been correctly fixed the first time? Every person I have spoken to has given me the run around. I even had one particular lady, Alicia (customer solutions Supervisor) tell me that there was nobody else for me to speak to and my complaint would be escalated no further. I was never rude to anyone. I was certainly not rude to her but she was downright nasty to me. I am truly shocked at the lack of care that Sears has for its products and the people who purchase them. At this point, I have been told by numerous Sears and Kenmore associates that there is nothing more they can do for me, so I will make my complaints on every single board and review site that I can find. And my business, for one, is most definitely directed elsewhere.


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