Nike - Nike - Poor Quality, soles delaminating

Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 3:24pm CDT by dbe5e123

Company: Nike

Location: US

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Nike Air - soles are delaminating. The black inserts which make up the majority of the sole are coming out one by one. It appears the original adhesive is failing, but regardless it is a defect in materials or manufacturing.

The Nike telephone rep was very pleasant on the phone but the only fact that mattered to Nike was the fact the shoes were manufactured more than 2 years ago. How long they might have sat on the shelf or how much (or little) wear they've received is irrelevant to Nike. I offered to send a photo to show the problem and that the shoes had received very little wear but that didn't matter. Only that they were manufactured over 2 years ago.

- A former Nike customer

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Visam M., 2014-12-12, 10:40AM CST

I bought a pair of expensive Nike shoes for 259 YTL on the 20th of November 2013. I used the shoes for less than 5 or 6 kilometers of walk over a period of 6 months or about. The shoes are soft and comfortable, the problem is that the linen layer inside the left shoe got damaged on the left side and the damaged part is shown from the outside as well giving the shoe an ugly look. About a month ago, around end of October 2014 I returned the shoes to the Nike dealer I bought it from in Istinyepark-Istanbul and asked them to fix the error in the shoes. They took the shoes from me and sent it for inspection, and as is the case with Nike-Istanbul, they refused to accept responsibility for the error in the linen. For gods sake NIKE! I have been wearing sports shoes all my life, I had some shoes for more than ten years in a raw, they wear from outside and beneath but I never saw the linen inside wearing after such very minimal use. Please look into the quality of your expensive shoes and take your customers seriously. As is I am very unhappy with your service and products.

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