coop-abudhabi mall - BAD SERVICE

Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 4:58am CDT by an la

Company: coop-abudhabi mall

Location: abudhabi tourist club


Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel



I am a loyal custommer of cooperative since, i know that a lot of competitors,because of their good service.But one time i came to abu dhabi mall coop to exchange an item.because i explain that bought it in moroor which i pass by that moroor coop then i like that item then i bought it.But when i came at home that item is not fitting.Then i tried to come in abu dbahi mall to exchange but i was really disappointed their service which i ever encountered in my life.A rude approach of a staff which he claim that he is a superivisor in that coop namely MADHU KAREETHA SIVARAM with emirates number 781980 3962950 10 i.d # 3678.He said we cant change it here because you bought it in morroor so you go there in change that our policy.

Even i told here your same company so we can exchange it at anywhere.He said no thats our policy. I explain him a lot thta my place is very far from that we just pass by that place and we like the item but un-fortunetly its not fitting and that evening also no one is assisting the customer so i couldn't asked anyone for help.but he said you couldn't read that he show me what is written there at the back of their exchange area.I said why other can exchange in different coop in your mall that we expect a lot you couldn't do. He said i don't know but that is our policy here?.And i said how you become a supervisor that you don't know?.Only i can say that please give a proper training to your staff specially for those staff that you put for a frontliner in your shop that customer wish, that they can help to solve customer small problem, not arguing by customer.Instead, of making the customer's to calm down but its not, he is fighting the customer and always saying that i am supervisor here my GOD! a very boastful staff that they want they are right! And the right of customer's was lose in your shop.I want you to give a disciplinary action for that staff! A VERY RUDE! STAFF and very boastful that he is supervisor.When you serve customer regardless the nationality not, you give only good service which you think that customer rich or whatsoever it is.For me that is really A BAD SERVICE NO TRAINING!.SO, .. AT THAT TIME I GET OUT FROM YOUR SHOP AND I TRY TO LOOK A NEAREST COOP WHERE I SAW IN KHALIFA SO, there its very easy when i explained the situation,.. so they said you can choose your item.So what is the different between abudhabi mall and khalifa?Please give an update regarding this issue.Thanks...


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