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Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 10:30am CDT by Joey W.

Company: McGrath Honda

Location: US


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UNETHICAL and IMMORAL behavior by the manager and team at Mcgrath Honda to make a sale in my opinion!

On October 8th 2013 after my SON and I found his FIRST CAR on on the internet at Mcgrath Honda in Elgin Illinois at Randall rd and 90, I called their team and specifically asked if the car had any prior body damage or paint work done. Over the next three days I spoke with Lee Dungey 4 times about the importance to me that he and his manager and or the used car manager go to look at this car themselves to confirm it was actually a non smoker and had no body and paint work beyond the exterior trim they had told me had been replaced. I made it very clear on each occasion to tell Lee that it was for my son and it was important that it be a non repaired car with no body work because we would obviously not be happy about flying all the way up there to find a previously damaged car. After the consistent responses that this was actually a non smoker car and had no previous body work, I told the representative of Mcgrath Honda, Lee Dungey that I would take the vehicle and fly right up there with my son to Elgin Illinois from Virginia to get it. Lee Dungey at Mcgrath Honda said his managers would reimburse me for a cab ride from the airport to the dealership. (I never got that money but in fairness, I did not demand it)

After immediately securing a one way flight for my son and I (1300 dollars!) and getting a cashiers check at the last minute (Lee had told me the day prior that a company check from me would be fine), we set off to get my favorite middle son's first car and we were both most excited.

We arrived at the dealership after a considerable cab ride from the airport (89.00 because it was billed at time and a half) around 7:10 p.m on Friday October 11, 2013 to find the vehicle outside in the dark and we asked to have it moved inside so we could look at it in the light and immediately could see that the hood had paint and body repair. When I opened the hood there was a wooden "paddle" (like a paint stirrer) broken off and stuck in the bottom of the hood from the repair or to hold the position of the hood up so it would not be as noticeable. I immediately voiced my disappointment about spending 1300 dollars to fly 800+ miles from home - ONE WAY on a Friday night with my son and have no way home to find a previously wrecked car after repeatedly asking this very question about old damage or not. The manager Mr. Mcninney (sp?) said he was sorry and he would feel the same way but they would help in no way and I could "buy another car off their lot". It was now almost 8:30 on a Friday night 850 miles from home and no plane ticket home or vehicle to drive or rental car to get around while having a disappointed teenage son to care for and the manager Mr. MacNiny says their team is "SORRY, BUT THEY HAVE NO MARGIN" when a customer has gone to all ends to make a purchase and never cut one cent of price and done everything Mcgrath Honda asked!!!! He actually looked me in the eye and said most people would not notice the work and I was more qualified to see the "stick" poking out of the bottom of the hood than anyone. I felt like it was my fault I found it or something.

I was so angry I bought the car so I could get home and have the evidence to write every day to any blog, posting board, agency, complaint site, consumer group or anyone else in the hopes that I save someone the frustration of spending their own time and money to buy any vehicle from a group that would literally and absolutely leave a guy and his son on the side of the road at 8:30 on a dark Friday night 850 miles from home with no transportation when McGrath Honda made the "mistake" of not presenting the body work beforehand.

I have the car, the stick that was under the hood and accurate account of details and will be happy to answer any future customers questions hopefully BEFORE they make the mistakes I did in trusting MCGrath Honda.

Joey W


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dba2ac3a, 2013-11-27, 06:06PM CST

Better file a complaint with the BBB. I know it seems weak after the hardship you were put thru, but we gotta slap these dealers when they F-up. I feel for you, and wish you had my number, as I would have driven to get you to a hotel for the night. To prove a point, I'd love to hear that you walked down the street to a different dealer and bought a car. That would at least ensure McGrath did not still get your money. I NEVER would have given them any money after that. Its like they still won.... they made the sale... they got your money.

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