KitchenAid - Faulty KitchenAid Freezer Ice Dispenser

Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 9:52am CDT by Carmen A.

Product: Kitchen Aid Built In Refrigerator/Freezer Model KSSC48QVS02

Company: KitchenAid

Location: 553 Benson Road


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

This complaint is regarding an on-going (3 years) problem with the ice maker. It constantly breaks; we have it repaired; it breaks again. The response: you are out of warranty. Our ice maker dispenser has broken almost every time we remove it to empty it -- once per month as per our technician's instructions because it freezes and will not dispense ice, which seems problematic itself. About every other month to every 3 months, the pin/rotor, that holds the receptacle in place and turns so that ice can be dispensed, comes out and a technician has to come and repair it. The local technician suggested that I contact Kitchenaid to complain if it happened again after the last service call - and once again it broke this morning. When I contacted KitchenAid Customer Service all I got was "we are sorry but you are no longer under warranty." I understand that I am no longer under warranty. That is not the issue here. If KitchenAid will look at the service record for this appliance, they will see that this problem has been on going for three years -- starting while we were under warranty. This is an obvious flaw in the manufacturer of this product or at least in my individual ice maker unit. This needs to be researched and permanently repaired or replaced. Even my technician believes that this is a flawed product -- he has done everything possible to make this repair permanent. The Model # for this appliance is: KSSC48QVS02; the Serial # for this appliance is: S03400304 I am not asking for a favor here; I am asking that a faulty product be permanently repaired or replaced. Being on a first name basis with a technician due to continued service for the same issue is not acceptable!

I would like for this unit to be replaced. Hopefully it would not mean replacing my entire refrigerator/freezer unit, but only the ice maker. I certainly do not want to pay for the service charge, but even if KitchenAid covered the service charge, the problem of a faulty ice maker unit would not be solved. Surely KitchenAid can see a problem with having to call a repair person in 3 - 4 times per year. The last person with whom I spoke said that we could purchase an extended warranty. This would not resolve the problem of having a machine that is apparently a lemon!! I want the machine permanently repaired!!


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