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Posted on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 at 7:42am CDT by 2664c5ba

Product: Sweepstakes and Purchases

Company: Publishers Clearing House

Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

I did enjoy to play pch, yes I had a pipe dream going, but I did enjoy purchasing some of there items and getting them in the mail. Not until this last year was I disgusted and upset.. They would promise me huge savings and discounts on purchases.. Then none of these showed up in my purchases, my orders were always delivered pretty late to my house a month or more sometimes. But I did not mind cause they never gave me trouble for when I paid. Then I started noticing they were giving me too many late charges, although they sent the product late, then none of the discounts were there. I called, then I sent the money thru the mail.. They said they never got the one bigger payment, of $60.00 dollars, what? And I told them my upset about never showing discounts and charging late fees that they had never done before. This is truly a small inconvenient irritant, but I surely feel stolen from. If I had not investigated my own purchases and how they were double charging me late fees, even though I was making payments on my account.

Now I am in the process of sending back several items, which I will truly need to have tracked. I am very disappointed. I had been playing and occasionally purchasing items for over 4 years. Never again, they never did this the first three years. Why have they become this dishonest and awful?

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Anne M., 2014-12-22, 07:23PM CST

I just received an order for a window thermometer but I received 2. I'm not sure how this happened since I only used 1 stamp on my order form, but I don't want 2 and don't want to pay for 2. How can this be resolved without a trip to the post office to return one? My cust id is #01781338478/order # 304833872183. Please advise

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