Qlure Makeup - Beware Cassandra Qlure Qlure Makeup and Pretty Photographer

Posted on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 at 7:26pm CDT by Rox

Product: Cassandra Qlure

Company: Qlure Makeup


URL: www.qlure.net

Category: Health, Beauty

*** DO NOT HIRE ***

This lady is completely unprofessional, rude and sneaky.

She did makeup and photos for me and came across so sweet but BEWARE she can turn on a dime.

Someone else on the job addressed a problem with her trying to be discreet and she blew up, she was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

I could not believe how her unprofessionalism just flew out the window over something that seemed so silly from a spectator seat.

This is one lady you don't want to have on your set, she spreads her negativity like cancer.


There are tons of MUA's and Photographers to select from.

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Rox, 2013-10-13, 11:27PM CDT

Just found out Cassandra is really Cassandra Lee McClure there is no Q in her name and she's a porn star under the name Carmen McCarthy. Funny how she had to use the 'Mc' even in her fake name.

Here's more info on her entertaining:



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