Max Motors - Ripped Off by just another used car dealer

Posted on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 at 7:53pm CDT by Robert D.

Product: 2004 Ford Escape

Company: Max Motors

Location: 1405 N Osage
NEVADA, MO, 64772, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Through the dealer?s website, I found 3 vehicles I was interested in. I contacted the dealer via e-mail and by phone and I worked on a deal. The salesman steered me toward a 2004 Escape over my other 2 choices. It had higher miles than I wanted, but the salesman assured me that every vehicle is professionally cleaned and inspected before they are put on the lot. The dealer's website confirms the salesman's statement and goes on to say if there are any mechanical issues noted and they choose not to fix it, they will disclose it. Website quote; ?We are experts in the auto business and have personally inspected thousands of vehicles. We do our best to point out the shortcomings in the cars and trucks that we sell.? The salesman assured me again when I drove 2 hours to the dealership that this was a quality and reliable vehicle. The day I drove the Escape home, the cloth on both front door panels was falling off because some tried a quick fix instead of repairing it and the CD player did not work. I did not think to take a CD to try it. In just over 90 days, I had to spend over $1465. on a new stereo, engine repairs, shocks and struts. The shocks and struts were all in very bad condition and the strut mounts were in pieces. This does include the extensive rust damage to the undercarriage that I found out about. The rust is so bad that large flakes are falling off the frame. I was told by a facility it was not safe to have a trailer hitch mounted. I had contacted the dealership right after my problems began and was assured by the salesman, they were going to try and make this right. After 33 e-mails and 5 phone calls and trying to deal with the general manager, not one thing has been done. The dealership will no longer respond back to me. To top it off, I was talked into a $1735. Preferred Service Contract that does not cover any of my repairs I had. I would not have purchased this vehicle, had the dealership disclosed these problems to me before the purchase. I am a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income, but these crooks don't care. Not once has the dealer offered to look at the problems I am having.


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