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Posted on Saturday, October 12th, 2013 at 4:48pm CDT by Steve S.

Product: credit card and banking

Company: Barclays Bank

Location: Barclays Bank 200 park Av, 4 th floor Met Life Building 2 45th St. New York City, NY 10166


Category: Business, Finances

A motel and lodging concern which I patronize regularly recommended that I secure their ?rewards? credit card from Barclays Bank.

I filed an application and a credit card was issued. From the very beginning doing business with Barclays Bank has been a nightmare. First the credit card never arrived, they said it was mailed and returned to them. I called and they did have the correct address and a card did finally arrive.

Each time I mailed a payment to Barclays, the payment was held for nearly a week before being credited to my account. It turns out this was normal procedure for Barclays which then routinely assessed me a ?penalty fee for late payment.? By going to the extra expense of sending payments via CERTIFIED MAIL the payments were credited the same day as they arrived because I had proof of the date of payment arrival.

Since becoming a holder of a Barclay Bank VISA card I have been buried in junk mail, they are selling mailing lists to anyone and everyone who will pay.

Most recently I received a notice that my Barclay Bank VISA card has been canceled because I haven?t used it frequently enough. I called the credit card company to inquire if this would reflect adversely on my credit rating. I was told that the card cancellation would be reported as an ?involuntary cancellation.?

I am awaiting response from Choice Hotels International who steered me to the Barclays VISA card for their answer as to what they are going to do see that my credit rating is not adversely effected. The prior Choice Hotels credit card issuer never caused any difficulties.

If the ?involuntary cancellation? of the Barclay Card?? adversely influences my credit rating I am prepared to sue everyone concerned, Barclay Bank and Choice Hotels International.


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