Margaritaville Honolulu, HI Jimmy Buffett's Beachcomber - Margaritaville - Bad food & Bad Ambiance - Go elsewhere

Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 8:37pm CDT by Jeff M.

Product: Restaurant

Company: Margaritaville Honolulu, HI Jimmy Buffett's Beachcomber

Location: 2300 Kalakaua Avenue


Category: Restaurants, Bars

The food at Margaritaville in Waikiki, HI pretty much tastes like pre-made frozen entrees and the drinks are small for what they charge. What a ripoff! You see the name Margaritaville and you think, ?oh that sounds cool, love Jimmy Buffett? but you get there and can barely read the menu, the place is so dark, it?s nothing but a typical chain and not what you want on a vacation. The restroom was dirty and when I tried to tell someone it needed attention all they did was look at me and nod. Really? Don?t even bother with this dive. Jimmy Buffet: your reputation is wastin? away at this Margaritaville.


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