G James Kmetz - CPA tax preparation leads to IRS problems

Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 9:49pm CDT by R S.

Product: Tax preparation service

Company: G James Kmetz

Location: Rte 83 & 63rd street

URL: Kmetzfinancial.com

Category: Business, Finances

I used Jim kmetzfinancial to do my taxes. First time, last time. He did my taxes wrong by claiming my IRA contribution in addition to my having a 401k. For years I have contributed to my IRA while being in a 401k. And for years my previous tax preparer correctly did my taxes. For the most part the tax code does not allow for claiming both 401k and IRA contributions when you income that prevents it.

So for the first time ever I got a letter from the IRS. It basically laid out the error and said i had to pay a corrected amount along with a fee, I paid the correction and fee but not until Jim reviewed his error, avoided my phone calls and emails and then returned my personal tax documents in the mail.

The IRS asked me if Jim was a real account after I spoke with them and they reviewed my taxes. How was i supposed to answer that. They said this a common error for self preparers but not for those who do accounting work professionally. They then instructed me to fill out a complaint form they retain for their records. So I did.

Jim never apologized or offered any reason for his mistake. He jeopardized my most important financial documents by mailing them without informing me and avoiding my calls. I live a few miles from his office. I dropped my documents off and had planned on picking them up.

You might say this is a simple mistake...... No big deal. The issue is Jim charged me alot more money and he avoided me once he knew the IRS found his error. He would not return multiple voice and emails. Plus his office says CPA which indicates a level of competency consistent with a licensed financial professional. CPA means something and it also means you are going to pay for it.

NOW I CONTINUE TO USE THE INTERNET TO LET THIS BE KNOWN IN THE HINSDALE area. between emails, complaint websites, social media the facts are being published.


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