Forever 21 - Mischarge followed by horrendous customer service

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 2:41pm CDT by Bailey J.

Company: Forever 21

Location: 3515 Plaza Dr Riverside, Ca 92506

Category: Unauthorized Charges

My complaint starts out as a Billing issue and it ends with it being more of a principal (customer service) issue. On October 5th, 2013 I walked into this store and the sales man had rung me up twice for an item, I caught it right away and went back. He admitted that he was fully responsible for the mistake in charging me twice for an item ($19.80) and called his manager over to assist him in giving me my refund. This carried on for 30 minutes meanwhile I had somewhere to be. But I?m trying to be patient with them so they can help me. I end up telling the manager that I would be fine with cash back because I have somewhere to be and I can't really wait around all day for them to figure out what they're supposed to do. Jason, the manager tells me that he can't do that because it will mess up their accounting. Seriously? That is not my problem; your customer should always come first. He ends up telling me he can't assist me and I will have to either come back later or come back during the week. I work a full time job so that's not really an option for me. I had a very busy day planned and had to cancel my appointments to get their mistake figured out. Now I'm starting to get frustrated with them. So I finally go back and they tell me they have to mail me a check and it will take ten days!! Are you kidding??? They have no problem stealing that money right out of my account (I paid Debit) but they have a serious issue with their refund policy. They also kept trying to give me store credit instead of my refund but I never intended to spend that money there, I have bills I need to pay no, I don't want your store credit! So I'm already upset I call the customer service line and they direct me towards Christine Torres the district manager. So I was happy to finally get this all resolved and feel better about what had happened. I call her she doesn't answer so I leave a message, she finally calls me back and of course she apologizes but basically tells me there is nothing they can do to get my money back to me sooner because the way their system is set up. The other manager (Debbie) was had me give her my account information and my card number, exp date, cv2 code saying she would try to get me refunded just back onto my card. So I KNOW it was an option they could have taken but decided to put me through the most inconvenient pathway possible. Christine I felt just blew me and my situation off and I really feel like they stole that money from me and their head honcho DOES NOT CARE at all about the inconvenience and the headache I have been put through by THEIR employee making a mistake. I do not ever want to shop there AGAIN after my experience. Nor would I ever want to contribute my hard-earned money towards such an organization that messes over their customers without a care in the world.


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