Florida Power & Light - FPL won't take responsibility for wiring transformer wrong

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 9:38am CDT by 1d085156

Company: Florida Power & Light

Location: FL, US

Category: Other

A storm on Sept 24, 2013 knocked out a transformer that affected our

home. They came out late that night and restored power. Next morning

had smoke and electrical burning smell. Called Electrician. Meter on

fuse box showed 640 volts going through home when it should only be

240/split. FPL was called they came out and corrected problem, even stating they messed up. BUT now their Claims dept is denying any responsibility. Have paid invoice from electrician stating it was FPL's fault and how could we have done anything that would have sent that much voltage through our home. We have no means to replace all our property that was destroyed. FPL made the mistake they should pay.


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