Honda Finance America - Honda Misrepresents

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 8:40pm CDT by b2044a35

Company: Honda Finance America

Location: US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I leased a car from Honda for 39 months - after month 36, I was contacted by the dealer who asked whether I would be looking for a new car.When I replied that I would and that I had started the process of researching my next model, the dealer informed me that if I wanted to return the car early, Honda would be happy to accept the car early as I was "such a great customer" and offered to give me a great deal on my next purchase/lease.

I returned the car but would not commit to leasing another Honda. The dealer said it would be no problem while calling nearly every day to sell me another Honda. I ultimately decided I would simply purchase a pre-owned vehicle - that's when the trouble began. I received a letter from Honda Finance stating I owed them 3 months worth of payments or us$900 (despite having returned the car with the dealers blessing) plus an additional us$600 for "excessive wear & tear" - for a total of US$1,500!

When I called the dealer they informed me they could make it all go away if I decided to lease another car from Honda! I again told them I was not going to do that so they informed me it was "out of their hands" and to deal directly with Honda Finance America. I repeatedly attempted to find a resolution but they offered nothing but repeated harassment with threats of collection etc. They have now reported my account as delinquent to the credit agencies despite my repeated attempts to show them photos which clearly show no damage or any form of "wear & tear" to the vehicle or the fact the dealer accepted the car early on their request.

Beware this type of tactic from Honda!!!


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