NTC Financial - Services not performed as agreed. Refusal to refund fees for services not performed.

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 1:55pm CDT by Pete J. K.

Product: NTC Financial

Company: NTC Financial

Location: 120 S. Olive Avenue Suite 500

URL: www.ntcfinancial.com

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I hired NTC Financial in July, 2013 to resolve ALL of my tax debt issues. This included taxes owed to the State of Illinois, the IRS, and the State of California Franchise Tax Board.

Pursuant to a phone conversation with NTC Financial in July, we agreed that NTC Financial would resolve ALL of my tax debt issues for $1,800 payable in monthly installments of $300. I remember that number specifically because, at the time, I was working with another firm whose fee was going to be $2,500 and I thought I was getting a great deal with NTC Financial. I hired NTC Financial to ensure I was protected from garnishments and levies, to work to have the penalties and interest on my tax debt reduced or eliminated (and stop future penalty and interest charges), and to set up payment plans with the various agencies so that I can pay off the debt. I hired NTC Financial for their expertise and connections with the IRS and CA and IL taxing authorities it has and which I do not.

I paid $250 (which was not included in the $1,800), to kick start the process and permit NTC Financial to access my tax records from the various taxing authorities. I acknowledge that I was not able to provide them with the first payment due in August but I was NOT told that would prevent me from being protected against a garnishment or a levy.

In several of our phone conversations back in August, I asked specifically if I was protected against potential garnishments and levies. NTC Financial stated I was. I asked several times for documentation stating this but did not receive any. Then I received a letter from the CA FTB in late September stating it was garnishing my wages. I then had to pay NTC Financial $500 before they would agree to work on the garnishment issue. I paid this money via a credit card. My dad also sent a $500 check which means NTC Financial received $1,000. I have asked that the $500 check from my dad be refunded to him. NTC Financial has refused to do so. Now NTC Financial is stating the terms of our agreement was for the $1,800 fee to resolve ONLY the CA Franchise Tax Board issues. The IRS and State of Illinois tax issues were not included in that fee and they wanted an additional $2,000 to work on those issues. I said no, discontinued my business relationship with them, and have asked for a refund to my father of the extra $500 they received.

In summary, I have paid NTC Financial a total $1,250. $250 of that was to start their investigation and another $500 of that was to have the wage garnishment released which they did accomplish. The remaining $500 should be refunded to my father.


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