Legend Boats O/A Duhamel & Dewar Inc - Failure to provide service and promised compensation

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 7:03pm CDT by Lisa M.

Product: Legend Pontoon boat

Company: Legend Boats O/A Duhamel & Dewar Inc

Location: 4805 Regional Road 55

URL: www.legendboats.com

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

We bought our Pontoon from the Barrie Legend location 12MAR13. We then had the following extensive issues:

> Subsequently we were sent someone else's credit application,

> We were told on the day of pickup that our salesman had booked the day off and there was no one to provide us our promised 2hr on-water training,

> 3 things were broken/not working on the boat as soon as we picked it up,

> It took over 6 weeks & many, many demands to get the company to fix them,

> No one showed up to our 2nd scheduled on-water training and was told they were too busy to do it,

> When fixing the final broken item, a witness noticed that their employee touched our personal property & took one of our lawn chairs,

> The Director and Manager of the Barrie location - Jeff Duhamel - refused to reply nor address our concerns and complaint.

> We then contacted and discussed the issues with another Director of the company - Jamie Dewar. He offered either a cash payout or a mooring cover.

> We chose the mooring cover on 3SEP13 but then Jeff Dewar refused to reply or respond to any further emails and never provided the mooring cover to us.

> This is not the 1st complaint against this company. The BBB Complaint was never resolved by the company.

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Business Reply  Jamie D., 2013-11-11, 05:10PM CST

Dear Lisa,

I just received a notification from complaints.com and was quite surprised. I don't understand why you wouldn't simply call me to get this handled or perhaps inquire as to why I hadn't responded when I had responded so quickly initially and clearly was making an incredible effort to get your issues handled for you. I did not receive your emails and was not aware that you had made a decision until I received the notification from complaints.com. Once I received the notification, I went into my mac mail and searched Lisa Morrison only to find your emails in my spam folder. A quick phone call after not getting an immediate response could have solved all of this instead of taking the steps you have.

I committed to either sending you the $678 discussed or the mooring cover, and left the choice up to you. The last email I was aware of was the one I sent you with the information you had requested in order to make a more informed decision. I guess my mistake was thinking that you were probably still using the boat and waiting until the end of the season to make a decision instead of pressuring you to decide immediately. Had I received any of your emails that I just now found in my spam mailbox, I would have shipped you the cover immediately as promised.

I am sorry that I did not see your emails, but to say that I did not keep a promise or did not live up to my word is simply not true and I am very disappointed that you feel that way after the effort I put in to trying to satisfy you and make up for any previous issues that you may have had.

Please confirm the address that you would like the cover sent to and I will send it out tomorrow. I can send you a tracking number so that you can follow the shipment as confirmation that it has been sent. If you do not receive an immediate response from me the same day you email, please call me to confirm that I have received your email at 1.800.461.4050 as I absolutely do not want an email going to spam to cause this issue to escalate any further.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting this handled as quickly as possible.


Jamie Dewar

General Manger

Legend Boats

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