apple - iphone4s without wifi

Posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 2:22pm CDT by Siegfried E.

Product: iphone4s

Company: apple



Category: Telecommunications

I own an iphone4s, an ipad, 2 apple tv's, a 13"MacBookAir, my wife a 11" MacBookAir. Before the 4s I had an iphone3gs. On the iphone4s I wanted to retain ios6.1.3 since I do not like ios7. Yesterday, when trying to switch wifi ON, the button grayed out and I could not revive it. An Internet search revealed that this problem is known since 2008, 5 years ago - and still persists! Is APPLE that HELPLESS? Some forum suggested that an upgrade to ios7 might fix the problem, so I reluctantly upgraded, after first downloading ios6.1.3 to downgrade again after fixing the wifi. Now I have the HORRIBLE and SLOWER ios7 and still no wifi, and the downgrade back to ios6.1.3 is no longer possible!


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