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Posted on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 at 10:26am CDT by yvette k. p.


Company: Superior Papers

Location: its an online service
ONLINE, FL, 00000, US


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I am advising everyone not to order any type of paper from Superior Paper. They are fraudulent and their work is 100% plagiarized. I ordered a paper from this company. I paid approx. 380.00 for this research paper. I received my paper with a 51% plagiarized report and when I informed them of it, they promise to redo it again. They informed me that they had completed an updated version of my paper. The updated version was 91% plagiarized. The paper was scanned by my professor and both papers were deemed as plagiarized and unacceptable. Not only did Superior Papers return me a research paper that was completely copy and pasted, but they also returned my paper in late. They are refusing to give me a refund, but however they want me to accept a credit. Do they think I would ever accept another paper from them? Hell No, never again. I am presently working with me bank to file fraud charges and obtain my full refund from these crooks. I would not recommend them to anybody and I hope that this complaint gets out. I will be posting to other blogs about Superior Papers. The only thing I want from this company at this time is my full refund credited to my account.

This is the worst research company to deal with. I had to go through another company for an annotated bibliography which was supposed to be completed by this company with this research paper, but it wasn't. I also had to stay up all night completing my own research paper after it was past the deadline for submission. Superior paper is horrible.

If anybody needs a copy of the papers email me directly & I will gladly submit them to you.


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gud artical

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