Prudential First Realty Westown - Dishonest Realestate agents

Posted on Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 10:05am CDT by Sheila B.

Product: Marrion Hansell

Company: Prudential First Realty Westown

Location: 5500 Westown Pkwy #120

Category: Real Estate

Agent liable for presenting a contract which the agent knew the property had several owners and the seller's signature was not the sellers.

1) The contract was not signed by person with full ownership of properties

2) The contract was not signed by the person?to date, we have no idea who signed the contracts.

3) They had 60 days to clear the title and it has not been done.

4) Both agents promoted contract was valid and did not timely inform us of problems of the purchase

5) The properties are not in the condition that we said we would accept them.

6) All leins and interest from 3rd parties are not removed.

7) No new contract was presented to us from buyer that is valid.

8) Seller gave notice to the listing agent that the owner had 10 days to provide clear title or the agreement would be terminated

9) Did not received seller disclosure forms on these units

10) Lawyer sent notice and still no reply.


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