Posted on Monday, October 7th, 2013 at 9:23pm CDT by Jennifer C.

Company: Disney Store

Location: ALLENTOWN, 18109, US

Category: Kids, Baby

October 3rd, 2013 I took my five-year old daughter to the Disney Store in the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall, PA for being such a brave girl during a recent hospital stay. When I went to pay the clerk first indicated that she could not run the transaction without my driver?s license since my card was not signed. As I was pulling out my driver?s license the clerk then stated that my card was not acceptable since she was unable to read all three digits of the security code on the back of my MasterCard. I apologized that the middle of the three digits was worn and I provided her with the middle number that was unclear. She told me that Disney's corporate policy mandates that she be able to read all three digits despite the fact that I had my driver's license and that I could provide her the middle- unclear number. I responded by explaining to her that she had my license and if I gave her an incorrect middle number of my security code the transaction would not take. The clerk called the store manager over at my request and they were both in agreement. Ultimately, I left the store being unable to make my purchase with a crying little girl who could not understand why her mommy broke her promise to buy her something. I contacted their corporate office and no one there could explain the need for my security code since I was in person with my personal identification. It has always been my understanding that the purpose of a security code is to prevent theft (when making an online purchase) yet her or anyone else having my card and code would allow them to use my card anytime. I am extremely enraged and disheartened by the entire situation. I spoke to Disney Corporate again today and was advised that it is indeed their new policy as of late September. I never heard of this until now, so my advice to parents is to check your card and code prior to attempting to use it at any Disney Store.


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