money Pak - Green Dot MoneyPak Scam

Posted on Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at 7:30pm CDT by Steven E.

Product: Green Dot Money Pak

Company: money Pak

Location: UNKNOWN


Category: Business, Finances

I had what would normally be a simple problem: tried to load a debit card with a Green Dot MoneyPak card purchased at Walmart. But the transfer resulted in a negative balance ?!?! on the receiving card! My complaint results from any lack of real help in resolving the issue. Walmart immediately backpedalled any involvement, pointing out that the card prohibits a refund at the store. Calling the "Hotline" listed on the card will get you an automated system which demands the entry of the card number - but won't recognize an entry on any cell or land-line phone. Eventually, with enough patient tries - it cuts you off. Further, attempts to "0" out to a voice will get you cut off. Noting this, I tried to go online to find a resolution. The tab for "Feedback" will get you goes to a screen that says "This function is no longer being used".. and bounces you out of the website! I've left an inquiry at their "Contact" tab that is the only avenue left to reach them - by email there), and have yet to hear back. My conclusion based on the convenient and transparent absence of any means to even lodge a complaint is that this company is a scam. Buyer beware!

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Steve E., 2013-10-08, 04:25PM CDT

P.S. My response to MoneyPak's email today was carefully worded and composed to make my position clear. I might have saved the time: the response address (including the critical "reference number" to the problem) bounced back as un-deliverable. In my opinion, anyone who still believes that GreenDot MoneyPak is not a scam is extremely naive.


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