Itspossible privilege card - complain against fraud itspossible privilege card company

Posted on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 11:34am CDT by 9ef3f613

Company: Itspossible privilege card

Location: DELHI, DELHI, 110008, IN


Category: Telemarketing

We are really surprised to see how itspossible privilege situated in subhash nagar makes fool of people and their time.

We got proper grilling for 3 hours by your itspossible privilege card office for taking membership. We were called for pick up of Free 2 Nights and 3 days Hotel Coupon for anywhere in India and free 4 Movie Tickets Vouchers. But we never know they will make fool of people like this. FIRSTLY, we lost our precious time in listening to their fake commitments which they might have not followed if we had took their membership. Thanks to God, we saved our money in putting in Dustbin tour plans made by itspossible privilege card. We not opted for their membership so they are not giving any reservations for their FAKE FREE itspossible privilege card Holidays and INVALID Movie Tickets Voucher.

Being part of itspossible privilege card, Such a fake commitments will destroy your name in India and other part of world too.

Here are your thousands of complaints by members and Non Members of itspossible privilege card. Kindly have a look into the acts done by itspossible privilege card and their sales team. Fake Commitments and Stories continues in pan India Basis. itspossible privilege card trained so called Member Relations who wasted precious time of people and money too who took their membership.


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