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Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 5:47am CDT by Sean g.

Company: Donway Ford

Location: Scarborough


Category: Products, Services

Three weeks ago i brought one of my company's F-250 Diesel trucks to donway ford for them to service a leak and a bat light that came on in the dash. I dropped the truck of and the service adviser (john)had told me that they are about 4 days behind and i was number 3 or 4 on the list and that he would do his best to get it in to take a look at it. 4 Days later i went by and John had told me that they are running a bit behind and it would be another few days. As another few days go by i went back in to talk to John to see if they made any headway, and he had told me that he had made a mistake and i was around number 7 and it would be another week before they even could look at it. Every time i seemed to get a different excuse from John, and he could not give me a date or even an estimated date when my truck could be looked at.

It was a just about 3 weeks before they were even able to take a look at it. I had decided to pull this truck from their site and bring it over to another Ford dealer around the corner and they had looked at it the same day.

The sad thing is...I had bought the truck from them 2 years earlier. Seemed like they just didn't want to do the work on the truck. For a 2 year old truck at 90,000 km we have had nothing but problems with it. We will be selling the truck soon and will not replace it with a ford.


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