Barnes & Noble - Nook Tablet was a WASTE OF MONEY

Posted on Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 4:34pm CDT by Lisa

Company: Barnes & Noble

Location: US

Category: Consumer Electronics

I received a Nook Tablet as an Xmas present two years ago. I wanted something to read books on and also to search the internet. It has been nothing but a headache. I feel B&N completely misrepresented themselves with this device. It has constant connectivity issues with the internet. It's almost always dropping or saying it can't connect--when it's clearly connected. I did take the Nook to my local B&N within my warranty period. Two separate Nook associates (two different times) told me "I needed to upgrade my router at home." Really? I finally just gave up using it. I recently picked it up again thinking I would try to play Candy Crush Saga. Of course, I couldn't get Google Play to run on the Nook - even though it's Android. Called B&N again. No, can't play CCS on my Nook. I need to upgrade to HD Nook. Whatever! B&N, of course, blamed it on the app makers, saying THEY made it that way. It's funny how all the issues I've had with this tablet haven't been B&N's issues. Hmmmm.

As far as I'm concerned, B&N owes me $225. It was my only gift that Xmas, being that it was so much money. I should have saved up and bought an iPad. In fact, I think ANY other tablet would have been better than the Nook.

I really hope that if anyone is considering purchasing this tablet, you should seriously reconsider. It is a major disappointment.


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