ev-power aka i4wifi - defective devices and poor service

Posted on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 3:43am CDT by Siegfried E.

Company: ev-power aka i4wifi

Location: CEDROS, FAIAL, 9900-, CZ

URL: www.ev-power.eu

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I ordered 6 items online from ev-power alias i4wifi on 31.08.2013.

My first complaint is that ev-power alias i4wifi (http://www.ev-power.eu/) only accept shipping by an exorbitant courier service TNT, which took 24 days from CZ to Portugal. Normal parcel post would have possibly been faster, at a fraction of the cost.

My second complaint is that of the 6 items ordered 2 were defective:

a 24W LED lamp did not function

a 230V 16A Wattmeter came with built-in 3-pin plug and socket not usable in Portugal or in Central Europe.

My third complaint is about the unfriendly and arrogant response received from ev-power alias i4wifi. For the LED lamp they wanted me to destroy the thread and send them a foto, which I did. For the wattmeter I was told to buy adapters for the plug/socket at a local shop. Apart from the fact that such unusual adapters do not exist where I live, I think that a vendor's specifications should clearly state the type of plug/socket used on an electrical device and in which countries it can be utilized. I requested my money back and would return the unsuitable wattmeter at their expense. I was then told that by ordering I had accepted their general conditions, which in their opinion, seem to cover all shortcomings.

I would hereby like to warn prospective customers against buying from ev-power alias i4wifi due to poor quality and bad customer service!

Siegfried Eckleben

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