McDonalds Red Bank, TN - Rude and Threatening Employee

Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 8:07pm CDT by L G.

Product: McDonalds

Company: McDonalds Red Bank, TN

Location: 2003 Dayton Blvd
RED BANK, TN, 37415, US


Category: Restaurants, Bars

I went through the drive thru and once I got to second window was told I needed to pull forward and wait. There were already four other pulled forward and waiting. My response was that's ok I will just wait here. A shift manager, I think his name is Dusty but not for sure, no one was wearing a name tag, Come to the window and told me to pull forward and wait like I was told to do. I said I will just wait here and he said either pull forward or I will call the damn police. My response was ok, go ahead and call them. After the second manager come to the window and told me I had to pull forward I just went inside and got my money back. I am so tired of the rude employees at this location. I will not be going back. The employee that threatened to call the police also previously worked at the Hixson pike location and was always rude to customers myself included. That was why I quit going to that location.


c458eec9, 2014-03-16, 08:31PM CDT

so why not just pull forward like you were asked to do, so the next customer in line could pay for his order and pull up to the next window the window YOU were do realize you were NOT the only one who was ordering...right?? they were not the ones being rude you were btw add stupid to that list too!! dumbass!

Robert Allyn L., 2014-03-17, 11:09AM CDT

Wow, c458eec9, you really don't get that they park you like that so they don't have to justify the delay to management. Then they put you at the bottom of the list for filling the order.

Your fast food now takes 25 minutes while cars drive past you from the window.

I am less patcent than the OP. They get to park me once and forget, then they get the I will sit here till order delivered passive agressive treatment. Sure I am being an Ass. But if they can't do the job correctly thats cool by me.

If they park me and remember me in the order they got my order, it depends then on how long it takes, I just won't go back if it takes too long.

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