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Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 7:53pm CDT by Bill M.

Product: DINAN STAGE 1 software upgrade


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I recently purchased a new 2013 BMW 550IX and After researching Dinan's website and speaking to two Dinan dealers in MA that included very detailed conversations describing the Stage 1 software upgrade ($2,999) I decided to move forward. Dinans website mentions and increase from 400HP to 495 HP and an increase in torque from 425 to 573 ft lbs.

I decided to have the upgrade performed at the BMW Gallery In Norwood after speaking three if not four times with Steven Richards. He informed me he had done many of these and reiterated the increase from the mfg specs of 400 HP to 495 HP and the torque from 425 to 573ft lbs MANY,MANY times!

When I asked him how would I ever really know what the actual gain was he advised me as he had for other customers to go to Kaizen Tuning in Boxborough to have a dyno test to first determine my present HP and torque and then return there for a follow up test AFTER the Dinan upgrade.

I did exactly as he advised. On Sept. 13th I drove one hour to Kaizen and paid $175.00 for a dyno test. The results were 336 HP and 350 TQ.

They explained to me as well as Steven Richards had that the true numbers the "graphs" indicated was at the wheels and not the HP specs the mfg claims. Thus I had 16% less that what the "brochures" claim. I had no problem with this.

The following day on FRIDAY Sept. 14th I paid the BMW Gallery in Norwood, Ma, $2,775.97 (they had given me a discount) to install the Dinan Stage 1 upgrade.

I now returned to Kaizen Tuning the following Tuesday Sept. 24th and had the Dyno test again performed.

The results were: 347 HP and 367 TQ. This translates to an increase in power AFTER the DINAN stage 1 of only 11 HP and 16 TQ.

Scott McIver the owner/president categorically and unequivocally stands by his results and stated just this on his letter head that I have.

When I called Steven Richards at Norwood his first reply was Kaizen's graphs were flawed. I also spoke to Scott Leandres, Regional sales manager for Kaizen. He also reiterated very strongly the absolute increase In HP and TQ Dinan claims.

Scott McIver informs me he personally spoke to Steven Richards and stated his dyno results are not flawed.

What took place these last 9 days is Steven Richards promising me he'd get back to me and each time not hearing from him I would initiate the call. He finally informed me that either they would refund my purchase 100% or I could bring the car in for TWO days of testing.

This "testing" was described as a boost test. Steven Richards told me the boost was originally at "9" and after the upgrade it should have been 14 or 15. I again called Scott McIver at Kaizen and he informed me that although not a perfect science each incremental increase should produce 10 more HP. He adamantly stated that if I had gotten that claimed increase in boost it would have reflected on the graphs. He will not budge nor negotiate his stance that my total power increase was 11HP and 16 TQ after the Dinan upgrade.

Today I left a message with Steven Richards. I would be amenable to a boost test or whatever else he needed to do to give me what I had paid for. I expect to get what Dinan's website, Their regional rep, Scott Leandres states as well as Steven Richards of Norwood BMW claims the upgrade will produce.

I did however make it clear he could not have my car for TWO days testing. I was originally told the actual upgrade takes less than 1 hour.

I got a call back from Steven Richards explaining they were refunding my payment 100%. Thus my complaint is not that I have been swindled or ripped off, but that I spent a monumental amount time and energy on this Dinan Upgrade. Although I have been promised a refund I cannot recoup the 3 hours I originally spent at the dealership, the 8 hours + in traveling and waiting at Kaizen Tuning and the expense of the two dyno tests that unequivocally prove nothing but the incredibly dismal results of the Dinan Upgrade performed at the BMW Gallery In Norwood, Ma. It was to say the leaset a very far stretch from the clams made on Dinan's website and reiterated by all the representatives associated with this.

Certainly it is well within the realm of reason to speculate that human error by The technician Steven Richards is the cause for this entire disappointing scenario. I have read NOTHING but fabulous reviews and comments about the Dinan company. That is why I originally decided to have the upgrade. In no way would I suggest anyone avoid doing business with them OR the BMW Gallery.

My complaint is this entire project was a waste of my time and energy. I would also advise ANYONE that is considering dropping 3K for the Dinan upgrade to first have a dyno test done and repeat this process after your upgrade. If you're going to spend 3K you might as well pay for two dyno tests to give you the comfort level that you got what you paid for.

I love my new 550IX and was really looking forward to this Dinan upgrade.

I am now,

Disappointed in Quincy, Ma

Bill Mullen


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Michael C., 2014-04-22, 06:39PM CDT


I am curious? How many miles were on the clock of your vehicle when you had it upgraded?

Kind Regards

Michael in Las Vegas

Bill M., 2014-04-22, 08:05PM CDT

Michael: I just reviewed my invoice dated Sept. 20th, 2013 from BMW Gallery in Norwood. The mileage was 1,530. Just to be clear that is One thousand, five hundred and 30 miles. The car was purchased brand new at the End of May. Working at home I drive very few miles. Not sure what you're "digging" for.... as far as asking me the mileage...but the experts at Kaizen Tuning, LLC. Boxborough, Ma tell me the low miles... OR any miles has nothing to do with their test results. just so you know kaizen Tuning is not some "grease monkey" shop in a dilapidated bldg...The owner Scott McIver comes from a family of car enthusiast and racers. His extensive state of the art shop with dozens of mechanics and technicians is constantly busy tuning and working on high performance cars. The so called "expert" at the Dinan upgrade at Norwood BMW seemed puzzled as he took nearly three hours to complete the stage 1. He had told me it would take an hour.... I was able to watch him through some glass windows.....as he repeatedly made trips back and forth from the computer to the car... he exited many times ....to reappear with three different people....each time they seemed to be discussing the process and checking and rechecking..... from my observation point and any casual observer it looked as though things were not going well...... this..... being MY intuitive observation.... after three hours he noticed me watching...... and waved at me... gesturing ten more minutes....

Upon receiving the dismal results from Kaizen.....of 11HP increase and around 16 in TQ... I couldn't help but vividly remember it appeared as the Norwood tech seemed frustrated... as I stated in my explanation.... I read quite a lot of good things about the upgrade.... so I believe or HOPE it is not just "smoke and mirrors" with a lot of B.S. marketing from Dinan...... I have to assume the "tech" at The BMW gallery had no fucking idea what he was doing............. You are the first comment I have ever gotten. I let Dinan know I would be posting my comment.... I know I left it on several review sites....their TOTAL lack of response tells me they don't give a shit about one customer.

Bill Mullen

Quincy, MA

Michael C., 2014-04-22, 08:21PM CDT

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your quick reply. No I am not digging for anything or defending Dinan engineering. However I am doing some work relating to modern day GDI. If your interested I would be happy to share the info. I can be reached at drfuelinstein at yahoo dot com. There are some interesting developments with these systems that may have a direct impact on performance upgrades?

Kind Regards


Bill M., 2014-04-22, 08:29PM CDT

Mikeee: I do not know what GDI is .... NO clue.... I can be reached at; Bill at SecuritySystems dot com..... I have a website biz selling consumer gadgetry surveillance products. You say interesting developments with these systems...... what systems....


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