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Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 6:43am CDT by Mary Anne M.

Company: Mary Anne McNamara

Location: 316 Beverly Dr. Essex Ontario.

Category: Products, Services

In April I purchased a cell phone at the Bell store at Devonshire Mall in Windsor Ontario.Everything was set up for service including a payment plan which was automatic withdrawal from my bank account.I left a week later for my Nova Scotia home for 4 months thinking things were ok.When I returned home in Essex on September 29th I checked all my mounting mail to my surprise there are several bills from your office saying unpaid and phone cancelled.I phoned on 0ctober 1st to get this matter fixed,nobody would listen to me,frusted I paid the bill by credid card.I have always paid all my bills on time I thought the bill was paid monthly ,by automatic withdrawl .My landline phone,Bell Express view and computer bills come out automaticly no problem,this is what was set up for my cell phone,someone at your end goofed up and it looks bad for me the innocent one.I am considering cancelling all bell services I have lost all confidence in Bell.My husband and I have been loyal customers for over 40 years. Would appreciate hearing from you. Yours Truly, Mary Anne McNamara


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