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Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 8:04pm CDT by tammra m.

Product: psychic reading

Company: Life Reader Ltd

Location: 152 Quay Street Auckland, CBD


Category: Online Scams

I was checking on finding a psychic reader, then I found something from google which pulled up Life Reader-new customers 3 min free reading with additional 10 min of .19 a min and I went for it. After I was able to find a reader of my liking, I put in my credit card which it looked like I had a choice to do reading by email there or phone call. Being it was really late in the morning with my phone ringing loud, I chose to do reading online. When I got a person to do a reading, she seem a little rude and I realized that doing reading online is longer because both parties have to type things and takes longer on the minutes of reading. I went back to ask the support customer service if I could switch reader. They are not directly acknowledging my request and I asked if saw anything on my billing account and they don't see it. I called up my credit card company and they said there are charges and one of them I don't recognized. I was also charged extra fees to the regular charge each time. That got too costly. This company uses Los Angeles, CA IP address of but their headquarters is based out of Auckland, New Zealand.On Aug 2, 2013, I paid for a psychic reading from Life Reader Ltd on their website I found out after it was said and done and trying to connect with them, via email, all that time, till they rebutted to Sears Credit Card (PO Box 688957, Des Moines, IA 50368) a toll free that was never given to me to resolve any complaints but we only was emailed back and forth, after it took me awhile or few days in between to find them since their website doesn?t show anywhere how to contact them for resolution. Life Reader LIED to Sears Cardmember Services on their rebuttal stating I never contacted them of any dissastisfaction when I did with numerous dates of trying to find them thinking I emailed them and then found them and we corresponded back and forth. I have copies record showing dates trying to find them, then eventually realized they had an email contact and when I did find and finally corresponded with their personnel, his name is Thomas. He seem to be quite rude to me. I asked if I can get another replacement reading as I thought the initial reading from the other psychic was not accurate and rude herself. So during the time of trying to find this Life Reader?s contact, I filed a complaint against them with People Claim and found out there were three people who found the same problem with this company. Sears credit card is not noticing that Life Reader has lied to them that I never got their toll free to resolve this billing issue and the date of service is not the way we write it as 2/8/13. It was on 8/2/13 therefore that should be considered inaccurate of the date shown. Also, Life Readers? rebuttal to Sears doesn?t show what email address was used to get this copy transcript nor did Life Reader send me any copies directly before sending it to Sears. I know I didn?t check off for Policy Statement when I joined their website in order to do a reading(s). Now, I was originally told by Sears Dispute that I could ask Life Reader to resolve this initially if they could just credit me the $53.85 and I just pay the $43.08 being I don?t recall being charged extra for hidden fees of their readings from UK. Anyway, this Thomas from Life Reader was not very nice to me and I found that out from People Claim, as well. He would not work with me as I told him I had a rude psychic reader and her reading was way off. Now, Sears is going with what they provided to them when Life Reader pretending to act like they have their documents to support their case when I question, did Sears ever go online to see what their website looked like and how would I know where extra hidden fee charges came from as I couldn?t get in the Billing tab under where I remembered signing up under Gmail account? I would like Sears to get this resolved little more civil than what they?re doing now. After this is said and done, I don?t need Sears Credit Card anymore, which has caused me heartache using their service all this time. I saw some other complaints of this card services and I?m not surprised. I felt like I got ripped off from Life Reader Ltd and Sears now.

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Pamela D., 2013-12-19, 08:46AM CST

Don't feel alone, they cheat the readers too. They withhold our earnings claiming that the customer did a "chargeback".

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