Ashley furniture via Value City Office and Distribution Center via The Furniture Services - Horrible warranty experience

Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 12:40pm CDT by 3f0cd2d3

Company: Ashley furniture via Value City Office and Distribution Center via The Furniture Services

Location: US

Category: Furniture

We purchased a reclining couch and loveseat from Ashley Furniture (Route 42, Turnersville, NJ) in March 2012. Around the beginning of July 2013, one of the cables via the reclining mechanism in the couch snapped. It was no longer possible to recline that side of the couch.

As this was within the warranty time (2 years) for the Crest ?No Worry? service e agreement, for which we paid extra, I was entitled to a replacement. I called the Ashley Customer service line on the same Saturday that this happened (1-800-994-7514 ext. 52). A ticket was submitted, and the representative said that she would now email a technician, who would then schedule a time to come out and look at the couch.

A week went by, and I did not receive a call. I called the aforementioned number back, and was told that the technician was out, or some such nonsense, and that she (the phone rep) would send a follow-up email. Another week went by with no calls. I called them back. I spoke to a representative and stated how this was turning out to be a bad experience. He said he would personally make sure that the technician called me back.

Within a few days I received a call from ?The Furniture Services? (908-998-1538). The representative asked to setup a time for a technician to come out and look at the issue. They only service my area one-day a week. So I had no choice but to except the Thursday offered. Note that this is now over 3 weeks since the issue has occurred. The representative stated that the technician would call the day before and schedule a specific time.

The day before my service call, I get a call from a technician or his scheduler. He relates how there was a traffic accident, or some other excuse; he was hard to understand as he had poor reception coupled with his ESL. So he states that they can come the following week. We are now at 4 weeks.

The following week came, and the technician knocked at my door. He was thug with jean shorts, a dirty shirt and boots, and no identification. He came in, I recounted the problem, and he took a picture with his phone, and said that the part would need to be ordered. Once I receive the part, I would need to call and schedule the technician to come back and install it.

So I wait two weeks (we are now at six weeks for a stupid cable repair). I call ?The Furniture Services? back to see what the deal is on the part. I was told to call a new number to get the status (732-355-9200). This is the number of ?Value City Office and Distribution Center?. I speak with a representative who recounted that the part takes three to four weeks to ship, and that I can call back to schedule the installation.

At the end of seven weeks, I call back to get a status updated. The recount the same garbage as above, at the end of the eighth week, the part arrives. I call Value City to schedule, they tell me to call ?The Furniture Services?.

I call the furniture services at the beginning of September (September 4th). Much like the other attempts to call, I have to leave messages, and call back several times, before someone answers. I finally get someone scheduled to come out on September12th. Low and behold, I get a call that the technician cannot make it.

At this point, I don?t care anymore. Ashley has lost my business. During the 11th week, I call to reschedule, and go through the voicemail process. I finally set something up for Wednesday, October 2, 2013. I was, once again told, that I would get a call the day before for a specific time. I take the day off from work.

Tuesday evening, October 1st, I get a call, asking if anyone has called to setup the time. I said no, I was told someone would call back. It?s already past 5:00 pm, so I would be surprised if we did get a call back. Shortly thereafter I did get a call back. They told me that the technician could not come out. I lost it, I was cursing, screaming. I got names and numbers. I finally broke down and just installed it myself, even though I paid for this service. While I was installing the piece, I get a call from the Furniture services, and they recount some garbage about how one technician only works in the area, and he has a zone, and all of a sudden, they can come out this Saturday. I screamed and yelled, and said forget it, and that I am now on a mission. I am closing down my Ashley store credit account. I will never buy anything from Ashley, I plan to post this on every single blog, website, social media account I can get my screwed-over hands on.

Do not buy anything from Ashley, if you do, you have been forewarned on the warranty work.

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Cassandra W., 2014-04-16, 07:40PM CDT

Please contact me I am trying to pit together a grassroots campaign to stop this consumer fraud with this merchandiser. See my complaint about Ashley furniture. Please contact me we need to organize a boycott and a class complaint.We are looking for people who had similar experiences with Ashley Furniture to join us in a grass roots advocacy campaign that will include media exposure, boycotts and class action complaint to BBB and Attorney Generals nationwide. We can have online petitions and send them to our legislators to stop these unscrupulous practices of merchandisers. I have access to all legislators including local town halls. I am an advocate that work with NACA I know consumer rights. I purchased the worthless warranty too.

Ashley Furniture is accused of fraud, deceptive business practices and repeated violations of a state consumer protection law regulating consumer merchandise. Ashley Furniture must put a stop to the unlawful, deceptive and unscrupulous business practices of selling junk furniture that they know have defects. [email protected] Put "STOP ASHLEY" as the subject. Thank you

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