connextions - rude racist employers and instructors bullies bad experiences

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 at 12:43am CDT by angelina j.

Product: connextions

Company: connextions

Location: Orlando, fl


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connextions in Orlando fl is a terrible place to work. The people and instructors there are really rude nasty sick people. They just bully and abuse others for no reason. Me and my friend were bullied pretty badly there for no reason. a tall black male was mean to me on many occasions and insulted us for no reason. also there was a loud obnoxious horse faced hippo looking woman who was a maniac really. She was disturbed and rude and was so mean to us. We were bullied and talked down to on a number of occasions and finally had to leave. This is not a professional or decent work environment at all. the teachers there are horrible disgusting despicable people with no morals or characters who are on powertrips. Its a very bad experience and im warning others about this place full of sick people.

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angelina j., 2013-10-01, 12:51AM CDT

that place has a high turnover race because I hear it sucks. The management or upper management or something is very unorganized. It's also overrun by ghetto hell. it is ghetto what do you expect. You have idiots in positions of power so they'll use it to abuse others. The people on top many are trashy sh*tty people. That's how Orlando is but especially a shit company like this.

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