First National Bank/ First Convenience Bank - Their Free Account is loaded with Hidden Fees

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 at 9:43pm CDT by Janet G.

Company: First National Bank/ First Convenience Bank

Location: PLANO, TX, 75219, US


Category: Business, Finances

This is the worst bank. It is advertising free checking and it is in Walmart and Kroger. I recently moved to a very large suburb and didn't think I'd have any problems banking. First, I went to deposit a check and there was no bank branch in the neighborhood Walmart or Kroger that I went to. There wasn't even an ATM to deposit the money. I finally ended up driving to a large Walmart only to find another bank in it. I did a search on the internet last Saturday to get my deposits made as I received an overdraft notice. I went to the location but the Walmart employees had closed the store due to electrical/computer problems. I drove all the way back over there today only to be told by the teller that I have a $34 NSF even though I have overdraft protection and was charged $2.95 every day that I have been trying to make my deposit. I then called customer service and explained I to them but they refused to reduce their charges. I said to close the account and they said 'No, it will stay open for 60 days and continue charging you daily." This bank had no interest in stopping the bleeding and just want to run up fees on an account holder!


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