SIRIUS - Fraud charges and auto renewal

Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 8:23pm CDT by e1190193

Company: SIRIUS

Location: US

Category: TV, Music, Video

I started with Sirius When i bought my Truck New, i really loved the Sirius Sat. the stations were great, as the 3 months came to a [link removed] sub ran out,, over time i kept getting offers to sign up again for a special rate, they called me at least 2 times a week, for a year, finally i decided to sign up again, it was suppose to be $16.00 for 3 months special, they went over that charge 3 times, was suppose to be a one time charge not re -accuring Charge, it was someone from overseas that you hire to call, i then looked at My Bill and it was for $125 dollars i was so mad, i called and asked to cancel my service and give me a refund, A supervisor called me and said we are sorry i will give you a refund and take your credit card off file and give you 3 Free months,,,

Just going over my bills today online, i noticed they were charging me $16 dollars a month for the past and this month, i was so mad, i called to cancel service, there was a 20 min wait, when i got someone on the phone, i was telling him what happen and he hung up on me, so i had to call back again, finally i got someone on chat and they cancelled my subscription and hopefully refunded my past two months charged, i will be checking my credit card,,

I would have kept siris from time to time when i have extra money, but the way you guys tried to To fraudulent charges with my credit card, i no want no part of this company, and anyone that ask me about Sirius i will giving you guys a horrible review, very poorly run company


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