Catch-Frayz Web Marketing - Don't do business with this company

Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 6:18pm CDT by Nikki H.

Product: Online Marketing

Company: Catch-Frayz Web Marketing

Location: 1602 SW Jefferson St


Category: Other

If you're considering doing business with this company I would strongly urge you to think again. I applied for a job with this company a few weeks ago and received an email a couple of days ago from the Director of Public Relations Jenna B. She communicated to me that after reviewing my resume and portfolio that she thought I was the perfect match for the job opening I applied too. We tentatively scheduled a interview for the next day.

I took off from work that morning to interview with this company. I also came dressed in a business suit and did all things necessary to prepare for the interview. When I arrived at the location I was appalled. There business is located in a lack of better words - slither of a hole/ isolated building. They're calling themselves an "online" marketing company, because I couldn't see any business professional handing over a check to them if they were being brought the location I was asked to come for an interview. It was absolutely horrendous. Please Google Street View it to see for yourself.

If this wasn't bad enough, as I pulled up I saw two women walking out of the building and another guy standing around smoking cigarettes. As I approached a very old woman barked at me "what do you need?" I stated to here "I'm here to see Jenna." She replied "well Jenna is not here." I replied, "okay, I had a 11:30 interview with her." At that point she lightened up a bit and called on the smoker to help me. He at that time stated that he would call Jenna to find out where she was. I quickly advised him that I lived an hour away from the location and was no longer interested in the job, and that I didn't want to be rude by not showing up at all. I introduced myself and left.

I have still not received any communication from Jenna, no apology or nothing. I missed 4 hours of work and it took almost an hour to get to the location and she wasn't there? She didn't even have the decency to follow up with me with an apology or anything.

Look at there website and combine it with my experience. Think twice before handing over your advertising dollars to them. There was nothing remotely close to professional about the company, there website, the people that work there, or their business location. How can you be a marketing company when your own website is crappy. How can you be an online marketing company when your own website isn't ranking or optimized. Look at their logo. They clearly don't have real graphic designers on staff. Look at their fonts that they're attempting to pass off as typography. Someone there missed the whole course on design theory.

Furthermore PPC is not an effective median for online marketing these days anyway or anywhere. They're very costly and ineffective and in most cases will not convert the traffic it brings into buyers. The clicks can't be substantiated and have a history being abused with click-bots for years.


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