Cleveland Clinic - Broken bones, fractured ribs & dismissive staff

Posted on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at 3:09pm CDT by M G.

Product: Health care

Company: Cleveland Clinic

Location: 450 Avon Belden Rd ?
AVON LAKE, OH, 44012, US

Category: Health, Beauty

My father had an accident where his four-wheeler flipped over and he needed emergency care. He told me the Cleveland Clinic not only had him sitting around for hours in the waiting room, ignoring him while they chatted about their plans for the weekend, they sent him home and told him to wait until Monday to get treatment.

As of posting this he has a bone sticking out of his back, and appears to have fractured his ribs and has difficulty breathing. Because they didn't treat him or send him someplace that would, his recovery will be significantly more expensive. He's got excellent medical coverage too and I suspect they gave him bad advice and is prolonging his suffering to increase their profit.

I tried to convince him to go to the ER of a different hospital but he's too discouraged after the way he was treated.

I filed a complaint with the Joint Commission, and strongly suggest to be VERY cautious when dealing with the Cleveland Clinic as it's business practices seem to encourage the employees to incur undue suffering on the patients for the sake of increasing profits. I'm pretty sure this could even be considered a form of human's rights abuse.


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