Best Buy - The worst Customer Service ever

Posted on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at 5:05pm CDT by Susan H.

Product: Customer Service for Evo Cell Phone

Company: Best Buy

Location: 20290 Katy Freeway, Katy, TX
KATY, TX, 77449, US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I just left the Katy, Texas store and had a huge fight with my husband as he insists on going back to that store when we never ever have gotten good service or quality merchandise.

We sat there for 20 minutes while all these staff walked around acting so very important but no one helping us. My husband's phone (we purchased there with service agreement) refuses to work for the second time!!

As we sat there talking a huge fat white man (sorry but he truly was) in his blue shirt walks by and makes a snide remark to me about my conversation, stating I was right where I needed to be!!!! I started getting loud and saying that was very inappropriate from a store employee to interrupt me and make a rude comment. Sloppy appearances makes for a sloppy performance, in case you were not aware of that.

A young sweet teenager was sent over to assist us and guess what...they have no FREE UPGRADES for our phone....AFTER TWO LINES, EXTENDED WARRANTIES AND SEVERAL YEARS OF CUSTOMER LOYALTY they have nothing to offer us.

Well, I also lodged a complaint on the phone line and interestingly enough on the facebook page....I WAS ACCUSED OF BEING A SPAMMER on the Facebook page minutes after posting my complaint and sending the number to the main office to another customer complaining about, guess what, poor customer service!!!! I have been blocked from the page but that will not silence me now, it just made me angry as humanly possible. I blog to get my anger out and warn others of poor company performance, by the way.

You guys don't know when to quit and treat people like the valuable commodity they are. I am hitting every website and public forum there is to blast your company.

Obviously this is how your employees are allowed and encouraged to behave, your loss not mine. There are tons of other companies that offer the exact same items but with good customer service.

My husband is now at Sprint to return his phone and I guarantee he and I will never ever do business with you again. No surprise that the building was nearly empty.

Bye Bye Best Buy....

PS: when I told the sweet young woman that I was not complaining about her but the others customer service she apologized and said she hears it all the time!!!!! Really???? Shame on you guys. Sad


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