Hungry Jacks Launceston - Not good enough!

Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 10:15pm CDT by Adam P.

Company: Hungry Jacks Launceston


Category: Food

My experience with the Launceston store was a very negative one. First we had to wait half an hour, with other customers walking out in disgust. If the staff were doctors the patient would be dead and buried before they did anything. It was evident the staff did not care as they were slow and were happy to do everything except serve the customers or prepare food. Speaking of which the order was wrong, burnt, incomplete and unpresentable. We had to throw it out as it was inedible and the little bit we did have made us sick, making us wonder if this was deliberate because of comments on how slow they were. I will never go to this establishment again, as the staff do not care about the customer, and I will be telling everyone I can to avoid the store at all costs if Hungry Jacks cannot lift their game and provide food that is not going to poison it's customers, if they cannot serve in a timely manner. If the staff do not care then quit and give someone who does care the job. Get rid of the staff at Launceston because they are running the business into the ground.


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