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Posted on Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 2:47am CDT by Adam S.

Product: used clothing

Company: second chance textiles



Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

Adolfo Santos the owner of secondchance clothing is a fraud and a con artist. He owed our company a lot of money and he just changed his address and phone number and now he is in the same business under someone elses name. He is in used clothing sortingbusiness in riverside, California and san diego California.

if anyone knows his whereabouts please post.


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Business Reply  Adolfo S., 2013-11-10, 05:19PM CST

I am Adolfo Santos, I am not a con, nor do I know this person. I am located in Riverside, California, New York and Los Angeles. If you have a problem with me or my business you are more than welcome to come visit me. I have been in the same business for 5 yrs. If you are in the used clothing business come visit and meet me for yourself. We are not crooks, we are here at your service,

aram h., 2014-05-01, 01:43PM CDT

Yes you might be in Riverside , New York And Los Angeles but where in those cities. Phone Number ?

aram h., 2014-04-30, 09:51AM CDT

if you are not a con post online a live phone number and an adress .

you have several websites without phone numbers and addresses.

thats all.

104a15c5, 2014-04-30, 08:54PM CDT

Adolfo Santos is the biggest con artist in the used clothing industry and in any industry you deal with. I dare you to provide a real and legit address and phone number to your non legit business.

Jacob K., 2014-05-01, 09:48AM CDT

Ajay santos now works now under AMCA Ttade CO

aram h., 2014-06-28, 05:58PM CDT

still waiting for your real phone number mr. con artist. if you have the balls to talk like that than post it right here .

aram h., 2014-06-09, 11:05AM CDT

AMCA Ttade CO is a Canadian company that partnered up with this thug. Hope the y know what they got themselves into.Mr adolfo where is our $18.000 dollars .

every dog has it's day. you will never succeed in life...

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