GSK Construction Company - SIdewalk repair scam

Posted on Thursday, September 26th, 2013 at 9:30pm CDT by a21d6855

Product: Home Improvement

Company: GSK Construction Company

Location: 2832 Brighton 7th Street Brooklyn NY 11235

Category: Other

On August 27th 2013 I signed a contract with Mr. Gusdev SIngh to repair my sidewalk. I needed two permits, one from the DOT and the other from Parks and Recreation. I needed the Parks permit because the city planted an tree and the roots of the tree are pushing up the sidewalk. As a homeowner in NYC I am required to make the repairs. I was given a violation to repair my sidewalk on August 15th 2013. I have 45 days to make the repairs. Mr. Singh said that he was insured and that he would get the DOT permit. I explained that I also needed the Parks permit. It took Mr. Singh 2 weeks to sign the Parks Permit and when I requested his insurance information he refused to give it to me. Parks and Recreation cannot issue it's permits without insurance information from the contractor which is a standard requirement. I asked Mr. Singh to return my deposit and he agreed. Mr. Singh scheduled 2 appointments on two different days to refund my deposit. Mr. Singh did not show up and he has stopped taking my calls. Beware of Mr. Gusdev Singh and GSK Construction company. I do not believe he is licensed and he may not be insured even though Mr. Singh claims that the estimates are free and he is fully insured.


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