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Posted on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 5:40am CDT by 547dd897

Product: Kerosene heating oil

Company: Heritage Energy

Location: LAKE KATRINE, NY, 12449, US

Category: Other

On August 26, 2013, I contacted Heritage Energy (Lake Katine, NY) to get a capped price on kerosene for my mobile home. I also asked to be put on a budget plan and wanted to purchase a service contract for my furnace. I wanted a full service contract. Allison told me that she would need a payment of $165.50 which included a enrollment fee and my first budget payment. SHE SAID SHE WOULD NEED THE PAYMENT BY THE END OF THE WEEK. I mailed a check out two days later on Wednesday.

Allison told me my furnace needed to be inspected in order to get a full service contract. I told Allison that I didn't foresee a problem since my furnace has always been maintained and had a full service contract since the day I purchased my mobile home and could provide proof if necessary. I also have NEVER had any problems with the furnace.

As I said, I mailed out a check two days later along with a letter stating the price I was quoted and asked to set up an appointment for my furnace to be inspected.

My FIRST RED FLAG, was when I noticed that Heritage cashed my check IMMEDIATELY and never contacted me to set up an appointment to inspect my furnace. I had to call them.

I set up an appointment for September 10th. On September 10th, the technician came and inspected the furnace. I told him that the furnace gave me NO problems and was always covered by a full service contract. he replied that it was the company that decides what contract to sell the customer.

SECOND RED FLAG. He asked me if I used propane to which I told him, yes. He told me I could get a better price on both kerosene and propane if I switched everything to Heritage. I told him I had to think about that. He now wanted to inspect my hot water heater. I refused to have that done because one, I had to move things to access the hot water heater and two, I wasn't sure I was going to use Heritage for my propane delivery.

When the technician was done with the inspection I asked how soon I would know if I was approved for a full service contract. He didn't have an answer and I started to get a bad feeling. I told him that I would not do business with Heritage if I couldn't get a full service contract. He said he would call to find out.

After the tech called he told me that because of the age of my mobile home, Heritage would not sell me a full service contract. It didn't matter that I could prove that my mobile home had been under a full service contract since I purchased it.

I immediately called Heritage and spoke with Donna. I told her that I no longer wanted to do business with Heritage because they would not sell me a full service contract on my furnace. I told her that I mentioned that to Allison when I spoke to her.

I mentioned to Donna that I never got a contract stating the capped price I was to get with Heritage.

THIRD RED FLAG. Donna tells me that that information would be given on my first bill! NOT GOOD. The reason I left my previous fuel company (Daley Oil) was because they did the exact same thing. When I got my bill I saw a different price than I had agreed to pay Daily Oil. I was stuck with paying a higher price because I had no written contract to prove differently. We only had an oral agreement.

Now Heritage was doing the same thing except I took the precaution of sending my check along with a letter stating the price I was given. When Heritage cashed my check THEY confirmed that the price was agreed upoon.

Well lesson learned. Donna told me that I would have to WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER to get my money back. Forget that I had to get my check to them by the end of the week. They have my money hostage and there is little I can do about it.

I am now reasonably sure that Allison knew that I would not be entitled to a full service contract from the beginning. She could have saved me and Heritage a lot of time and trouble if she had revealed that from the beginning.

Heritage is about to get a lesson. I filed a complaint with my State Attorney General about the way they do business.

I have learned not to take anything for granted. Next time, before I pay any company a penny, I will make sure my furnace is inspected FIRST and I have a WRITTEN CONTRACT.

I am now waiting for my next prospective fuel company to come and inspect my furnace, but at least I did get a written contract from them stating our capped price agreement. It won't be finalized until they receive payment. That won't happen until my furnace is inspected.

Oct. 4th. I received a check from Heritage but not for the amount I paid them. They sent me a check for $103. I called and asked what happened to the rest of my money and was given a quick, Oh, I'm sorry. We'll mail you out another check for the rest. When I asked when, I was told they mail checks out on the 15th and the 30th of the month. I am now filing a second complaint with the NYS Attorney Generals Office.

I believe this company is purposely withholding my money in order to prevent me from going to another company and capping in on a lower price for kerosene. Companies usually want you to cap prices in August or September. Here it is October and they are stalling in giving me my full refund.


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