CompOne - Don't want to work, give you the run-around, LIE!

Posted on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 5:04pm CDT by C. L.

Product: CompOne

Company: CompOne

Location: 4400 Will Rogers Parkway, Suite 105 Oklahoma City, OK 73108


Category: Other

I was interested in purchasing a house, but some unpaid medical bills from 2010 prohibited me from getting a loan. I explained that back in 2010 the insurance company accidentally put my procedure from Dr. Vazquez down as 2000 instead of 2010, therefore they would not cover my procedure. I called Dr. Vazquez, and explained my situation. HE told me to contact CompOne. I did and my calls were not returned. That was in 2010. Well in 2013, when I was denied a mortgage Dr. Vazquez told me to call Rachel Iturrino. She never returned my call. Later, I called someone else, and I regret that I didn't get her name because she was mean, and nasty. She told me that I never called there for years so it's out of their hands. I told her that I called someone, but they never answered their phones, or got back to me. She said that it wasn't them. I said that I stopped calling, because I was sick of being ignored. She then said that I was too late due to the lack of communication therefore it was no longer their responsibility, but mine. All I wanted was for them to give me the records, so I could get my debt out of collections, instead I was either ignored or insulted. Dr. Vazquez was sympathetic, and he called them himself. They jerked him around too. I explained to them that it was THEIR CLIENT Dr. Vazquez who wanted them to assist me, that I didn't call on my own accord. They were not helpful. I then called human resources, and told her how they were either rude, or inattentive. She told me that there were records of me calling back in 2010. That completely contradicts what the other worker told me. I was ignored, so I stopped calling. Human Resources also said that the calls are recorded, so she would investigate how badly I was treated, and how I WAS LIED TO! Isn't it the law to inform you that your call is being recorded? I was never told that. Human Resources told me after the fact. Still, I'm glad that it was recorded, because it proves the hell that they put me through. Lazy, lying, and lacking in decency, that's CompOne.


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