Monitronics - Monitronics in it for the Money!

Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 9:57am CDT by Mary

Product: Alarm Company

Company: Monitronics

Location: PO Box 814530
DALLAS, TX, 75381, US


Category: Products, Services

We agreed to a contract with Monitronics for an alarm system. We requested an additional key pad for the back door as we use that door a lot. After the back door key pad was installed, we realized that it wasn't working properly, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, it wouldn't always shut the alarm off and it wouldn't chime when we opened the door. We called Monitronics, they said, "Oh, sorry."

We decided, I guess we just have to suck it up and deal with it. Then about a month ago I shut the alarm off at the back door, the numbers beeped as I pushed them, it seemed as though the alarm was off, I let my dog out, and when I shut the door I heard a faint beeping from the front of the house,I ran through 3 rooms to the front of the house to get to the main key pad to shut it off before it notified the police, I fell and got hurt, and I missed a day of work. My husband got mad and said we are done with this alarm system and he had a different company come out and install of new alarm where BOTH key pad WORK!

Monitronics said, "We're sorry the equipment is faulty and that you got hurt but you still have to pay us the remainder for your contract for the next 8 months, sorry."

Are you kidding me? They didn't hold up their end of the contract...they installed faulty equipment! They don't care, they just want their MONEY!!!!!!


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