Light Impressions - Light Impressions - fraudulent shipping practices

Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 12:49pm CDT by JC

Company: Light Impressions

Location: CA, US


Category: Products, Services

I ordered from Light Impressions 25 clear sheet protectors that weigh 10.5 oz by themselves. I purchased them online from Before I placed the order, I called their ?customer service? department and asked a lady there if they could ship them by first class mail instead of FedEx Ground. I asked because the online shipping estimate was a little over $12 (the plastic sheet protectors cost $17). She said ?no, we use FedEx.? I thought to myself, ?wow, how hard would it be to put them in an envelope and put $3 of 1st class postage on it?? She also said, ?the online shipping price is just an estimate, it could be less. We won?t really know until we process the order.? So, I had a little hope that the shipping cost may be less but had no high expectations. But, low and behold, they put the sheets in a box five times larger than necessary and the shipping cost me $20! That?s $20 for 10.5 oz. of plastic sheet protectors! I was outraged. What a complete rip-off. While she did say that the online shipping price was an estimate, I trusted that they would at least be reasonable. Unbelievable. I highly recommend that you stay as far away from this unscrupulous company as you can. From now on, I will !!! P.S. how convenient it is for their organization to have not one single email address listed for customer service. I discovered that AFTER the rip-off.


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