Walmart - HOW are customers supposed to purchase phones when there

Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 4:10pm CDT by 14224c9c

Company: Walmart

Location: US

Category: Online Shopping

The touch screen on the phone I had stopped responding on Saturday,

September 14th. Despite being told at the time of purchase that I could

bring my phone in at ANY time with the 18 month replacement plan I

purchased and take care of replacement issues right there IN STORE, I

found out that I instead had to UPS the phone to Walmart Product Care

and Replacement. Fine... no problem. The soonest I was able to do this

was Monday, Sept. 16th (UPS is closed Sunday).

On Tuesday, Sept. 17th I receive an email stating they have received all

required information to process payment for my claim, and later that

same day I get an E-GIFTCARD emailed which I find in my inbox Wednesday

morning. Great!!

As my work schedule allows, I spent the next few days visiting several

WalMarts TRYING to replace my phone, only to find NO SELECTION and EMPTY PRODUCT DISPLAYS!!! So I went online, found a phone I liked very much... great features... great price, made sure it was available, and placed my order. It cost more than my original phone, so I gladly added the extra funds and purchased the 2 year replacement plan. I also choose to have it FedEx delivered to my home, because at this point, I have been without a phone for quite some time. I was told to expect my new phone at my front door Wednesday, Sept. 25th.

This morning, I find this email in my inbox from WalMart, which I

happily thought was going to confirmation of my new phone being on it's

way. Instead, they waited THREE days to inform me that the phone I

ordered ( which is STILL AVAILABLE on their website!!!!!!!!!!!!) is "NOT


Needless to say I am frustrated to tears right now.

This is totally unacceptable!!!!

Furthermore, I just added $45 reserve yesterday to keep my phone number

active in anticipation of this new phone arriving and being activated


Seriously... HOW are customers supposed to purchase phones when there

are NONE TO PURCHASE?!?!?!!!

Right now I out $307.78 (spent on phone and reserve time) and I have


WalMart says it will be 10 more days (if ever) before the phone if available. Straight Talk's response is "Thank you for bringing this information to our attention.", but no real offer to do anything.

What happened to the time when a company would step up and say, we promised you this by a certain time frame... let us offer you something else as good or better to fulfill our promise to you.

If I ran my business like this... I'd be homeless and starving in no time!!!!


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