Planes Moving & Storage of Dayton - Damages without Compensation

Posted on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 at 9:40pm CDT by 9925d417

Product: Moving Company

Company: Planes Moving & Storage of Dayton

Location: 9370 Byers Rd


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

AVOID THIS COMPANY unless you'd like to learn some underhanded tricks that companies like Planes Moving & Storage use to avoid taking responsibility for the damages they WILL cause. The movers damaged both my house and my shipped items, and despite testimonials from third party witnesses who saw the damage take place, photographic evidence of undamaged property (timestamped just prior to mover arrival), photographic evidence of damaged property (timestamped just after the movers left) Planes has been 100% committed a non-rectifying conclusion.

Sadly, I am ultimately to blame for falling for their slight-of-hand. After denying this damage to my face (after I witnessed it) the truck driver intentionally misinformed my wife how to "properly" fill out the damage form (it was incorrect in several areas), and because the form was incorrect, they refused payout, even despite the aforementioned evidence, which clearly indicates the Planes Moving Company is at fault.

From the first email detailing this encounter to the last, the planes employees were committed to not making amends regarding my property. There is no amount of protective measures or preparation you can do prevent Planes Moving & Storage from ripping you off, unless you feel like going to court, and they know this.

Do yourself a favor, and bring your money elsewhere - even if it happens to be thousands of dollars more expensive, you will ultimately protect your assets in the long run.


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