Philips In.Sight - Not Worth the energy Philips In.Sight Wireless Home Monitor

Posted on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 at 12:45pm CDT by Kris

Product: Philips In.Sight M100D /37 M100 Wireless Home Monitor Double Pack

Company: Philips In.Sight

Location: US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I purchase Philips In.Sight M100D Wireless Home Monitor Double Pack just for security reasons. Well the product would not set up first then after 2 hours of trying it was on the go. Then I use dropbox for all action from the cameras well it never went to drop box. Put several complaints and no response from the email that are use to diagnostics log that on the site for the cameras. Well, I complain till finally they upgrade the software. Well, then i got no recordings what so ever. I complain again and Philips said i had to call consumer service. It bad enough you only get 15 days to return the product to the store let alone trying to get it back in time. Then have to wait for Philips to answer their emails. So its been over 1 month and no video even tho it says it recording. Shut mayhem


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