Sprint Wireless - Sprint LIES to trap people

Posted on Saturday, September 21st, 2013 at 5:07pm CDT by fce66121

Company: Sprint Wireless

Location: US

URL: www.sprint.com

Category: Consumer Electronics

I signed up for a sprint account and when the service was horrible I called back within the 14 days to cancel my new contract, I was told that they were working on a tower and I should wait a few days to cancel. I told them that if I waited to cancel I would go over my 14 day contract termination period. They said "we'll make a note of it, but don't worry, if the tower repair doesn't fix the problem we'll still let you cancel your account."

Their "tower fix" did nothing so I called back and tried to cancel and they told me I couldn't because I was passed the 14 day grace period. I am currently involved with the BBB and the Attorney Generals office to dispute this. The funny part is when I called back, the person I talked to said they had no record of me calling in and their was no record of a tower outage. They straight up lied to me to trap me into a contract.

Bottom line: Sprint LIES to people to feed their greed based company. Sprint has no customer service department, because they don't know what customer service is. If it doesn't make them a dollar, they're not listening.


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