TracFone - 15 days and still no service

Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 9:52am CDT by M. S.

Product: LG 440G and minutes

Company: TracFone

Location: US


Category: Telecommunications

I purchased a Tracfone on Sept. 5th at Walmart, I asked them to activate it. They said they did and gave it back to me. It did not work. I spent 45 minutes with them trying to get it to work they said it would be active in an hour. It was not. I came back in 5 hours and spent another 45 minutes with them trying to get it to work. Tracfone finally said the system was down. The phone still didn't work on the 16th. I went to Walmart and purchased a more expensive TracFone and transferred the minutes to that phone. I spent another hour with Walmart and Tracfone trying to get it to work. They said the system was down try tomorrow. I spent another hour on the phone with TracFone on the 19th and they still can't get it to work. I have had the phone for 15 days and it still doesn't work. Their 1-800 number leads you through an automated maze that goes on endlessly and they transferred me four times yesterday to repeat the same nerve wracking cycles over and over to no avail. I can return the phone for a refund but they will not refund the 120 minutes, and they cannot ever give me back the time I wasted making 3 trips to Walmart and 4-5 hours wasted on the phone with their incompetent phone technicians and frustrating automated corn maze. TracFone should not be in business because they are a fraud. They sell a product and service and never deliver.

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Christi P., 2014-03-18, 02:58PM CDT

I had a very similar experience with a TracFone I purchased from Best Buy. My son had a Net 10 and we purchased an upgraded Net 10 phone which we were told the number would port to the new device. Turns out, regardless of it saying Net 10 on the packaging, we had to deal with TracFone. We placed the order to port his old number. Well, 30 days later and and no less than 40 hours on the phone with their customer/tech support we were told the only thing we could do is change his phone number and that they would not transfer the minutes that we had just added to his old phone (we were previously assured that they would be transferred because they said they are all the same business.) This was about a year ago. Now, as of Saturday 3/15/14, my son began receiving hundreds of "unknown" empty text messages around the clock. As of todays date, 3/18/14, he has received approximately 1300 blank messages. I phoned TracFone and explained the problem. And so typical of the TracFone representatives understanding of any problem, when I finished explaining, the rep said "so you are having trouble turning your phone on?" LOL. After re-explaining the problem, all the while speaking very slowly, the rep said that they need to change his phone number!! I think that maybe in their country, it is a normal to simply change the phone number when something happens that they do not like but my child needs to keep the same number! Aside from that, I know how incompetent this company is now so I am simply going to buy him a new phone and put him on a plan! This means that we are going to again lose money because of this company but I guess we have no choice! They should be sued, made to pay everyone back the money that they have fleeced from everyone and shut down immediately!

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