All You Can Books - Legalized Fraud--Selling Nothing!!

Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 10:22am CDT by Kathleen G.

Product: Audio Books and Ebooks

Company: All You Can Books

Location: US


Category: Books

I joined as a member of this website in February which supposedly offers free downloads of as many Audiobooks and Ebooks as you want for 14.99 a month. If it did what it advertised, it would be great. However, I could not download the books--I guess that's where the "All you can" comes from, Hah! The joke is on the buyer! Try cancelling the membership. They deny getting any email, despite the fact I followed their instructions. I never was given the phone number--I had to get it from my bank after my account kept being charged. I called and talked to a woman named Nancy who said I was charged for the privilege of downloading and the company does not care if I downloaded anything or not. DO NOT DEAL with these thieves! I am disgusted that a company can be allowed to advertise a service they do not provide and charge for not getting the service with impunity. Buyer Beware. I will never deal with these people again and will warn anyone who asks me about their corrupt business ethics and business practices!!


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584595c3, 2013-10-03, 01:18PM CDT

What was it that did not allow you to download any books? Were there no links? If there were links, did they not work? Did you get an error message? I'm considering signing up. What browser were you using? Did you try multiple browsers?

david d., 2015-01-14, 01:08PM CST

cancellation link doesnt work

Roger H., 2015-02-22, 10:13PM CST

I signed up for the free month trial and was able to download. However, everything I downloaded was material ripped off from, a 100% free site (and a great one). These are public domain books with LibriVox's introduction replaced with one that doesn't credit the source or the readers who volunteered their time as a public service, nor does it say that it's public domain. It may be legal, but it's certainly unethical. I cancelled the same day, via phone (they do now provide a number), and I received an email confirmation.

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