Stealth Genie - Stealth Genie Review - Please read before you buy

Posted on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 at 8:17am CDT by Naomi B.

Product: stealth genie

Company: Stealth Genie

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software

Stealth Genie is a phone spy app. This program is good for keeping track of phone logs and sms logs, but DO NOT PURCHASE if you want to record surround, or track someone. Many times the tracking is loaded much later (up to hours) afterwards. The recordings only work about 2% of the time. Customer service is not helpful. When asked for a refund in the first seven days, they said they don't like to do refunds. The responses given by customer service all sound textbook and do not resolve any issues. Customer service was contacted 20+ times to resolve issues with no resolution.

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Levon H., 2013-09-24, 12:22AM CDT

I had problems with using Stealthgenie as well! I had the exact same issue with tracking, however being curious and a tech enthusiast I was determined to find a way that would improve its performance. I didn't contact their live chat since I knew no one was going to understand all that technical lingo so I contacted them via email (sending a ticket if you may) and their technical reps helped me out a lot. For one they told me how Stealthgenie worked and that Stealthgenie keeps storing the information it collects and then sends it back to its servers, Was I going to believe them? Not until I did a simple test to prove my theory:

I had primarily gotten it for my son's android, so I simply installed it on my android device (I sent them an email asking them that I wanted to shift devices and they were completely okay with it!) I then did a couple of experiments like turning off my Wi-Fi/Cellular and going out on a drive, and then doing the same with the Wi-Fi/Cellular turned on.

The result; when my device is connected to the internet it makes things a lot easier, also they even have options to set the upload rates, it's located in the control panel and you have to mess around with it to get the best performance. Ideally that's not very cool, but if you change the settings and everything it really improves the performance.

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